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At Conference-Health we have high expectations for environmental management. We aim to build a sustainable company and, just as importantly, manage sustainable events. We ask our clients and suppliers to join us in the efforts.

What is a Green Event?
Broadly for a greener event we should try and organise it electronically, minimise carbon emissions for traveling delegates and speakers, save energy, practice recycling, and adopt environmentally-thoughtful measures wherever practical and possible. Business travel is on public transport wherever possible

The client will always be encouraged to use recycled paper for publicity and all event materials With client agreement, the event caterers will always be encouraged to use local produce and this will be a priority element during the tendering process Clients are encouraged to choose venues close to public transport links, thereby negating the need for car travel to events Suppliers and sub-contractors are also being encouraged to recycle where practical

How do I know if a venue is Green?
We choose hotels and venues where they take environmental policy seriously, and every effort is met by our team to give as much information as possible on their policies.

We will source venues that use locally grown produce and organic if possible, again as much information as possible will be provided with your quotation.

What about Recycling?
Recycle conference brochures, printed pages, name badges, and other promotional material. Inkjet cartridges used before and during the event can be recycled. Even better, you can keep your production of materials down to a minimum by producing your delegate pack online. We can upload all of your speaker presentations to your bespoke event website so delegates can view them any time after the event.

Can YOU afford not to make the best of your employees and your event?

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